About Us


To be the leader in the Environment, Engineering, Procurement & Construction sector in Sultanate of Oman with the aid of Professionalism, commitment and Customer satisfaction, to rise on every occasion with confidence, capability and competence to achieve global acceptance and constantly strive to set global benchmarks through continual improvement and give best to the Industry and to the Nation.


To provide best solutions to Customer Services and delivery Commitment at all times. Implement an ideal model achieving safety and quality standards throughout all the phases of the Project. To take an engineering approach to every job, instituting systems and technology the ensure minimize waste and maximize output hence ensuring cost Efficiency and minimum Variations.


Our Commitment at ASLTC LLC, our fundamental belief is that all personnel working for ASLTC LLC should have a safe place to work, and go home safely. We must also care for and protect the environment, and respect the communities in which we work within. In order to achieve this, it requires a commitment from ASLTC LLC management in terms of resources, systems, tools and training. I give you my personal commitment that I frequently check that we have this support in place, and know in some detail of our HSE performance and issues.

However, in order to achieve my vision for the company in regards to safety and environment, I also am calling upon every individual to make a personal commitment to act safely, and look out for others.

My message is a simple one – if you can't do it safely, without harm to the environment, in compliance with the laws and ASLTC LLC rules, then I don't want it done.

Humaid Hamed Al- Junaibi,
Managing Director, ASLTC LLC